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what is Xray Baggage scanner ?

From a passenger’s point of view, an X-ray baggage scanner looks like a boxy tunnel and a conveyor belt, which moves the baggage through the tunnel. Inside the box, the baggage is scanned with X-rays: scanning is enabled by the fact that X-ray penetrate different substances like metal and plastic..etc to a different extent ,steel penetration is widely measured. 

The xray luggage scanner produces X-rays with a special tube, which is lined with lead. In the lead lining there is a narrow, around one-centimetre-wide gap through which the X-rays are directed into the tunnel. The conveyor belt carries each piece of baggage through the X-ray beam, and on the opposite side of the tunnel, a detector measures the amount of radiation which has penetrated the scanned baggage. Dense substances, such as lead, absorb the most radiation, blocking the X-rays’ progression, useful for hotel baggage scanner purpose, airport lugguage scanner 

Based on the amount of radiation which has passed the piece of baggage or lugguage, a computer software forms a close to real-time image of the baggage or any item. these lugguage scanner equipment is widely used in star hotels world wide.

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